Kamagra – where to buy the original preparation?
The original Kamagra is a preparation that allows you to enjoy sexual intercourse again. Effective composition, safety of use and quick effects in the form of a strong erection make men reach for it more readily than other potency preparations. If you want to reach for Kamagra, you should check where the original medicine is sold.

Kamagra – where is it available?
Where to buy original kamagre? To make sure you buy a medicine containing 100 mg sildenafil in each tablet, you should find a proven pharmacy. Kamagra is available online, in stores that specialize in the sale of funds for potency. The products offered in it are carefully selected in terms of effectiveness and safety of use.

Kamagra online is sold at a favorable price, and shipping is fast and discreet. Thanks to the discreet packaging, only the recipient knows what product is inside the shipment, so others do not know about the embarrassing problems of the recipient.

When to use Kamagra and in which cases
Kamagra is a means of correcting the pressure inside the body. It works by relaxing the blood vessels, thus introducing more freedom to the bloodstream, which stimulates blood flow in the user’s penis. It helps you to get an erection when the person taking the medicine experiences sexual arousal. The use of the drug should be avoided if the patient has not been found to have erectile dysfunction, as this may lead to unwanted health complications. Kamagra will work both in the treatment of the inability to get an erection and problems with maintaining it during sexual rapture.

What you need to know before using this medicine
For the sake of your health, you should make sure that the drug will not hurt us before taking the pills. When not to use Kamagra?

First of all, it can not be crossed with drugs with which it reacts. An intensified effect can lead to serious health complications. When taking nitrate drugs, beware of taking Kamagra tablets. When a patient is taking measures to support nitrogen flow, mixing of kamagra is forbidden under the risk of a dangerous drop in blood pressure in the body.

It is also forbidden to start kamagra therapy if the patient suffers from diseases related to the heart or liver organs.

Recent stroke, heart attack, paralysis also excludes the possibility of taking pills.

You should inform a specialist about any hypothyroidism who will prescribe how to take and dose the medicine.

The drug is not suitable for use by women.

Safe way of using the preparation
Any doubts related to use should always be consulted with the opinion of a specialist physician.

Kamagra is used no more than one dose per day with your doctor.

The method of taking the tablet should be done with a suitable amount of water for the user.

It should be remembered that the tablets are a stimulant stimulating the circulatory system, thanks to which they will allow blood to enter the penis only in case of sexual arousal. The time after which the preparation begins to act usually varies among patients, it is rarely similar. It is recommended to take the dose one hour before the planned intercourse.

Never exceed the dose set by your doctor, but if it is exceeded you must notify your specialist immediately.

Possible side effects of Kamagra
Tablets can sometimes cause a headache. Rashes, drowsiness, irritability and heartache are rarer symptoms. Vomiting, severe palpitations and rectal bleeding are the most common side effects.

Tablet storage method
Keep this medicine out of the reach of children. Protect against moisture and sunlight. Avoid using after the expiry date.

Other information
The tablets have a rounded shape and green color. The inscription KGR 100 should appear on their surface. The pack sizes available on the market are 2, 4, 8 and 12 tablets.

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